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Mohave Amateur Radio Club By-Laws

Last Amended 05/07/2013

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Article I: Purpose


1. To provide the Mohave Amateur Radio Club a window to the world of amateur radio and its many diverse opportunities.


2. To offer a chance to be represented in a world wide community of amateur radio operators through operating events, ham fests, special projects and contests.


3. To provide the community with a pool of experienced and trained amateur radio operators that can provide reliable emergency communications if the need should arise.


4. To offer support and instructional procedures to help promote good amateur radio operating practices.


5. To accommodate individuals wishing to obtain an amateur radio license or to upgrade their existing license class by providing amateur radio test sessions.


Article II: Membership Adopted 2012-02-07



Membership is open to anyone regardless of residence, whether licensed amateur radio operators or unlicensed individuals who are interested in amateur radio communications.
Individuals wishing to join shall be eligible for membership without regard for race, creed, sex, or disability.  Membership shall be by application. 
Applications for membership may be submitted at regular meetings, mailed to the club address showing on the application, or given to a club officer for submission
 at the next meeting.    *****Change Follows:  All applications received will first be published in the next club newsletter with the exception of an
 applicant’s address, phone number, and e-mail address.  This is to permit club members who do not attend meetings to have knowledge about possible new members
 and to give them  a chance to voice their opinion, if any, about said applicant.  After newsletter publication all applications will be presented to the club members in attendance
 at the next regular meeting and voted on via a “raise your hands vote”   *****End Change.  A simple majority of those voting will determine acceptance or rejection.


  1. Full membership is open to all who hold a valid amateur radio license and includes all club privileges as well as rights to hold a club office and to vote for club
  2. officers or vote on any other club matter.


2.  Associate membership is open to anyone interested in amateur radio who is not currently licensed in the Amateur Radio Service.
Associate members are not eligible to hold office or vote for club officers.




Article III: Officers


1. The officers of this club shall consist of President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Technical Director, Public Relations Officer, and Parliamentarian / Sergeant at Arms.


2. The officers of this club with the exceptions of Technical Director and Public Relations Officer shall be elected for a term of one year by a majority of the dues
 paid up members voting and present using a secret written ballot vote with a count conducted by the club secretary.  The vote shall be taken at the September meeting
 with nominations for club officers to occur at the August meeting.  Those elected shall take office at the October meeting and their terms will run for twelve months
 expiring just prior to the start of the October meeting of the following year.  The Technical Director and Public Relations Officer shall be appointed by the
 President and serve at the President’s pleasure.




3. Vacancies occurring between elections caused by the resignation, death, or removal by the Board & General Membership (described elsewhere in the by-laws)
will be filled via appointment conducted by the President.


4. Club officers not fulfilling their duties or violating the Code of Conduct for Club Members and Officers can be removed from office or the club.
 See article XI paragraph 3 for the procedure.




Article IV: Duties of Officers


1. The President shall preside at all meetings and conduct them according to the by-laws.  He/she shall enforce and abide by the club
 constitution and by-laws, decide all questions of order, sign all official documents adopted by the club, and perform all other duties pertaining to the
 office of President.  The President will fill any vacant officer positions caused by death, resignation, or removal, via appointment.


2. The Vice-President shall assume all the duties of the President in his/her absence.  The Vice-President shall organize club activities, plan and recommend
contests for operating benefits, advance club interest and activity as approved by the club, and perform other duties as requested by the club President.
The Vice-President will assume the office of President if the office is vacated during a term.


3. The Secretary will maintain a set of minutes for each club meeting and furnish a copy, written or electronic to the club President prior to the
 start of the next club meeting.  This person shall keep a list of club members based upon information furnished by the President,
Vice-President, and Treasurer.  The Secretary shall assist the club President in correspondence and other written activities as requested.
At each meeting the Secretary shall read a summary of the minutes from the previous meeting.


4. The Treasurer shall handle all financial records of the club and maintain an accurate accounting of all income and expenses.  A summary of
all income & expenses shall be read at each club meeting.  This person shall read all new & reinstatement member applications at each meeting and will
 be responsible for collecting dues from members as necessary, pay any bills as directed by the President, issue receipts for money collected,
and perform other duties as requested by the President.  Additionally, at club events the Treasurer will operate as the sole cashier
 for monetary transactions unless another individual has been delegated this specific duty by either the Treasurer or President.


5. The Parliamentarian / Sergeant at Arms shall keep the Club Constitution and by-laws and have these documents with him/her at every meeting.
He/she shall note any amendments, changes and additions on the Constitution and shall permit it to be consulted by members
upon request.  He/she shall ensure good order during the meetings and perform other duties as requested by the President. 
Also, this officer will greet members and visitors.  In the event of his absence this task can be delegated to any officer of the club.


6. The Public Relations Officer, formerly known as Newsletter Editor shall be responsible for publishing the regular club newsletter,
keeping the website updated with current and projected events, and performing other duties as requested by the President.


7. The Technical Director shall be responsible for installing and maintaining all club owned radio equipment
and performing other related duties as determined by the President.


Article V: Board of Directors:


The Board of Directors shall meet at a time and place so directed by the Presiding officer, normally the President or in his absence,
the Vice-President.  The Board of Directors shall consist of the officers of the Mohave Amateur Radio Club.


Article VI: Trustee / Sponsor


The Trustee / Sponsor(s) shall be responsible for all licensing and operational matters with respect to all of the communications equipment
 owned by the Mohave Amateur Radio Club.  This individual shall hold an Amateur Extra Class license to ensure full operating privileges.    


Article VII: Meetings
 (Amended version approved by membership vote on 2012-02-07)


 Regular meetings shall be held on the first Tuesday of each calendar month at 1900 hours at the Kingman Regional Medical Center,
3269 Stockton Hill Rd. Kingman, AZ  or at such a time and place as determined by the Board of Directors (Club Officers).  If the permanent location changes
 this article shall be updated within 60 days of said change.


Article VIII: Dues
 (Amended version approved by membership vote on 05-07-2013)


Dues for the membership year will be set at the October meeting.  Any change in annual dues must be voted on by the attending members.  Any member whose
dues are three months in arrears shall be dropped for non-payment of dues.  Reinstatement as a member may be accomplished by completing a
membership application and submitting it to the club subject to the same approval process that new members are subject to.  Dues collected from
a member cover the period of membership which begins on the date an applicant is voted in as a member and run for one year.  At the end of that
 period the renewal dues amount will be adjusted to whatever amount is in effect for annual member dues.  Members may pay for only one membership year at a time.  


Amendment New Members To The Mohave Amateur Radio club Shall pay $10.00 In Dues. This Dues amount will bring them to the next
scheduled Dues renewal period, regardless of the time of year they join.


Article IX: Assistance


The club via a designated Public Relations and Operating Committee will provide technical advice to members concerning equipment design and operation, and
 uniform practice of club member stations.  The club shall also maintain a program to foster and guide public relations in the community.


The Public Relations and Operating Committee shall consist of members from the local amateur radio community and will be appointed by the club Trustee/Sponsor
 and approved by the President.  In the event of complaints against members, this committee will assist the member to correct the problem. 


Article X: Amendments


This constitution or by-laws may be amended by a majority vote of the members present.  Proposals for amendments shall be submitted in writing at a regular
 meeting and shall be published in a newsletter prior to being voted on at the next regular membership meeting.


Article XI: Violations and the Code of Conduct


1. Violations:  Members are responsible for knowing and abiding by the appropriate FCC rules and regulations as well as generally accepted amateur
radio etiquette, including the ARRL voluntary band plans.  Repeated violations of these items will result in suspension of operating privileges of club equipment. 
The Board of Directors will determine if violations have occurred and possess sole authority via a majority vote of the officers voting via secret ballot to
 suspend a member’s operating privileges of club equipment.  The period of suspension is to be determined by the Board.


2. Code of Conduct:  The Code of Conduct is designed to put club members on notice as to the types of conduct that are not acceptable and will be grounds for removal
 from club membership. The following are prohibited activities:


a) Willful misrepresentation of material facts & statements by a club officer involving the officer’s

               duties and responsibilities.

          b) Any theft or embezzlement of club property or another club member’s property.

          c) Frequent use of foul or improper language at any club event, activity, or meeting.

          d) Any willful and unlawful destruction of club or a club member’s property.

          e) Any act of fraud against the club or a club member.

          f) Any behavior that disrupts a club event, meeting, or activity.

          g) Willful participation in any activity that brings discredit upon the club.

          h) The commission of any crime during any club event, activity or meeting.


3. Violations of the Code of Conduct or improper conduct including an officer not fulfilling his/her duties will be handled as follows.  The Board of
 Directors will appoint a committee of three members in good standing to investigate the alleged violations, improper conduct, or officer not
 fulfilling his/her duties.  The committee members will report to the Board of Directors with a statement as to whether the allegation(s)
appear to be valid or not.    If the allegations appear to be valid the committee members will make a presentation before the general membership
at a scheduled meeting.    The accused club member will be given an opportunity to make a presentation at this meeting.  Afterwards, all members
present may cast a secret ballot to either remove or retain the accused member from the club.  If the accused is a club officer
 those voting must decide if the officer   should be removed from the Board of Directors and if he/she should be removed from the club as a member.
A simple majority of those voting will determine the outcome.  Removal is effective immediately if applicable.


Article XII: Robert’s Rules of Order




Any club member that wishes to run for a club officer elected position must be a member in good standing (dues paid up) for the twelve month period
prior to the month that nominations for elected positions are accepted.  Additionally, such member must have physically attended at least eight of the last
twelve general membership meetings held prior to the month that nominations for elected positions are accepted. 

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